Scamp Hackable Amp PCB


Small, full-featured, hackable, and full of authentic tube tone, the Scamp amp is a great headphone and test amp suited to the pedal builder.

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Based on the SophtAmps Ruby Tuby, the Scamp is a simple yet full-featured hybrid op-amp / valve guitar amp with tons of extras:

  • Runs on 12v or 18v DC, just like a guitar pedal
  • TL072 pre-amp combined with a 12ax7 tube for real valve tone
  • On-board crunch circuit designed for customisation
  • Optional pads to add your own pedal circuit instead
  • LED indicators for power and standby
  • Big Muff Pi tone stack with simple, single control
  • Gain control
  • Volume control
  • Buffered effects loop – ideal for a delay or reverb pedal
  • LM386 power amp
  • Speaker-out connection
  • Easy vero-based daughter board to add an extra headphone socket

When you buy this PCB you will also get:

  • The PCB itself
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Build instructions document
  • Suggestions of modifications
  • Vero diagram for headphone daughter board

BOM and build docs


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