3PDT Utility PCB


A simple helper PCB for 3PDT true bypass wiring.

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A simple yet helpful PCB for 3PDT foot switches to make true bypass wiring a piece of cake!

Mounts directly to the lugs on your foot switch and has pads for:

  • IN – your pedal input
  • INSL – your input jack’s ground connection
  • OUT – your pedal output
  • OUTSL – your output jack’s ground connection
  • +9V – your DC+ 9V connection
  • G – the ground connection on your power socket
  • BIN – the input connection on your pedal circuit board
  • BOUT – the output connection on your pedal circuit board
  • B9 – the +9V connection on your pedal circuit board
  • BG – the ground connection on your pedal circuit board
  • LED+, LED- – connections for your indicator LED
  • CLR – your pull down resistor for your LED (I like to use 4K7)

Just remember to mount your foot switch with the lugs running horizontally and you’ll be up and running in no time!


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