Vintage-style “Champ Sound” Pedal


This pedal is my take on a classic, vintage, tweed sound. A single volume knob controls the output, and also the amount of crunch. What’s more, the board has been built using the same techniques as an old, 1950’s Fender amp!

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Built using the same techniques as Fender used back in the 50’s these pedals offer a great, vintage tone delivered with vintage methods.

Based on the classic, tweed tones of old Fender Champ amps this pedal gives a range of smooth, bluesy sounds as well as some more distorted crunch when you dime your guitar volume control. It works great with both single coils and humbuckers and is nicely responsive to your picking so you can vary the crunch by varying your attack.

The pedal is intentionally simple, with just a single control, but also features:

  • Standard Boss-style 9V power input (with centre negative supply)
  • True bypass wiring so the circuit cannot colour your tone when the pedal is off
  • Sturdy input and output jacks (input on the right and output on the left)
  • Bright on/off indicator LED in red with chrome bezel
  • Hand picked transistor and fine-tuned resistor values offering optimum gain and tone
  • Vintage-inspired circuit board – built using 1950’s techniques
  • Single volume/level control with a classic chickenhead knob
  • Solid aluminium enclosure with an antique white finish

Find out more about how these pedals were built here…


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