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High quality printed t-shirts featuring designs inspired by rock, metal and guitars.


Awesome graphical stickers to sow and share your love of guitars and pedals.

Pedals & PCBs

Ready-made PCBs to help kickstart your adventures in building DIY guitar pedals.

Latest video

Michael Cheung takes the SiF2 Fuzz Pedal for a test drive with some crazy, high-gain lead tones.


T-shirts, stickers, pedals and PCBs

True Bypass Utility PCB

A simple helper PCB for 3PDT true bypass wiring.

P45 Phaser v1 PCB

Based on the classic Phase 45 phaser pedal, this PCB offers a quick and easy way to add some classic modulation to your guitar tone.

52 Pedals Poster

52 of the most sought-after, most loved and most recognisable guitar pedals, simplified, stylised and arranged in one awesome collection.

Wild Drive Pedal Sticker

Inspired by one of the drive-iest overdrive pedals there ever was, this sticker offers a simplified and stylised rendering that would look awesome on any guitar hard-case, flight case or pedal board.

Please note: All sticker orders are fulfilled by our printing partner Redbubble.com.

A few reviews

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52 Pedal Project Poster

52 Pedal Project Poster

Ben says:

"Looks awesome and definitely worth getting your mates round and playing guess the pedal in the 'guitar' round of the rock and roll quiz!"

Custom Fuzz / Overdrive

Custom Fuzz / Overdrive

Michael says:

"D13design's cute, shiny silver box of gain slotted into my signal chain beautifully today! -- Looking for a pedal that goes from simmering crunch to blissful growl? Ask Dave to build you one."

Pedal Board T-shirt

Pedal Board T-shirt

Liz says:

"John's new tee shirt for his hols, designed by D13design -- Looks awesome, really impressed with the quality."

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